• Retail

Global, tailored, and virtual: the future of shopping.

The huge potentials that lies in retail business require efficient systems and structure around financial reporting, business models, corporate strategy, and tax evaluations. At BDO, we work with our clients to get the right mix.

Shifting economic trends, finicky shoppers, and consolidation in the retail industry have retailers restrategizing, whether by selling their products online to reach a wider coverage or engaging in different kinds of promotional strategies.

BDO’s Consumer Business Practice helps businesses compete in a marketplace undergoing transformation, through industry-specific knowledge regarding regulatory, reporting, and complicated tax requirements – all of which vary widely by state and by country.

More and more shoppers are using online platform to make their purchases, and BDO offers guidance to companies on how best to take advantage of the growing trend. BDO has assisted many retailers on their most important endeavors, whether by offering guidance on accessing capital, expanding operations, or how best to maximize return for investors.