Daniel Gboghwe

Director Corporate Advisory

Technology & Telecommunications

Corporate Secretarial

Executive summary

Executive Summary

Daniel Gboghwe specializes in provision of broad based legal and corporate advisory services to valued clients across industries with in-depth analysis of options that enable clients to make informed decisions. Whether you are a multinational in the process of setting up a business in Nigeria or an existing company restructuring in preparation for partnership with local or foreign investors Daniel would be on hand to guide you as you navigate through the regulatory framework for running your business successfully in Nigeria.      

Daniel has a good mix of work experience, 6 years post call work experience as a litigation attorney, 10 years experience as a commercial attorney and 6 years experience as the head of Corporate Advisory and Company Secretarial services department of BDO Nigeria.

Daniel’s work experience of over 20 years includes advising various company boards on company regulatory compliance matters, review and monitoring of sundry legislations and regulations that will have impact on clients businesses and providing timely advice, provision statutory company secretarial services, review and redrafting of diverse commercial agreements between local and foreign companies for various clients operating in telecommunication, manufacturing, construction, banking and handled complex litigations and arbitrations prior to joining BDO.    

Prior to joining BDO Professional services Daniel worked with the law firms of Charles Musa & Co. White House Attorneys and Kenna Partners formerly Kenna & Associates.


Professional Affiliations

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of Nigeria

Nigeria Bar Association (NBA)



LL.M, Master of Laws, University of Lagos

B.L, Barrister-at-Law, Nigerian Law School – Lagos

LL.B, Bachelor of Laws, Edo State University Ekpoma