• Audit & Assurance

    A BDO audit lends credibility to a client’s financial statements

Audit & Assurance

In a rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, the right guidance is more important than ever.

The BDO audit approach is applied consistently across the network through the use of the BDO Audit Manual, a core technical document that complies fully with international auditing standards. BDO Nigeria adds relevant guidance to address the national statutory and professional requirements.

Auditing is not a static process and we recognize the need to offer our clients the best possible range of compliance and advisory services and we therefore ensure the continual development and enhancement of our range of audit tools.

BDO’s methodologies, tools and guidance are developed with our clients in mind and promptly reflect external developments The BDO audit approach is thus based upon an extensively researched common methodology that centers around:

  • Obtaining an understanding of the business being audited from an internal and external point of view
  • Assessing the risk of material misstatements, and the controls in place to address prevent these risks
  • Choosing appropriate procedures to obtain evidence of the significant financial statement assertions
  • Ensuring rigorous quality control over audit performance In a world of increasing technical requirements, BDO is committed to keeping our clients one step ahead.

A BDO audit lends credibility to a client’s financial statements and our auditors bring more to an assignment than a mere ticking of the boxes. Through our global network, they enjoy access to knowledge of industry developments and international trends and this gives them intrinsic awareness of the global marketplace, as well as required local standards. Our team will meet with you before work commences and ask many questions in order to really get under the skin of your business and understand it fully. You can be sure that adequate resources and training exist for information systems support.

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