• Management Systems and Services

Management Systems and Services

One of the main problems of companies in Nigeria, particularly indigenous ones, is how to manage their businesses profitably and along modern lines. Many companies operate without having an organization structure.  Many small companies do not keep proper accounts because they do not engage qualified professionals. Companies sometimes have backlogs in their accounting work. Many companies require simple but effective costing systems, stock and credit control systems, accounting systems and management information systems. Sometimes, companies may also require assistance with direct management of their operations by external experts. Our Management Systems and Services division assists companies to achieve their objectives through the following services:

  • Accounting systems design and implementation
  • Management information systems design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of stock and credit control systems
  • Project management services, including short term staff secondment
  • Development and implementation of costing systems
  • Organization design and development
  • Assistance with accounting or accounting arrears