Planning and Policy Formulation

Planning and Policy Formulation

Government at the Federal, State and Local levels often require assistance in economic and social planning and mobilization, social and economic policy formulation, commercialization and privatization of public enterprises.  Also, governments, International Lending or Aid Agencies, private organizations and Non-governmental organizations often require assistance with statistical surveys, intervention impact assessment, formulation of tariffs, management of procurement of goods and services, monitoring and evaluation of intervention projects.

In response to these varied needs, our planning and policy formulation services include the following services:

  • Small and medium enterprises (SME) development
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Management of the procurement of goods and services
  • Sectoral planning (in agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, transport, health and nutrition, water and sewerage, energy, environment, telecommunications, government services)
  • Policy and intervention impact reviews
  • Policy formulation
  • Tariff studies (water, electricity, telecommunications)
  • Commercialization or privatization of public enterprises.
  • Sectoral modeling and forecasting
  • Macro-economic planning
  • Statistical surveys and analysis
  • Macro-economic modeling and forecasting

We provide assistance in all these areas through the following services:

  • Project identification, formulation and selection
  • Investment or project appraisal
  • Investment counseling
  • Review of business strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and distribution research