Statutory Audit

Our audit approach is applicable to wide range of clients. It offers an efficient and effective methodology for giving authoritative and reliable opinions as well as providing innovative and technically sound solutions to clients.

BDO’s approach to auditing is risk-based, allowing us to get to the core of the issues affecting your business and financial statements. Our enthusiasm and commitment to understanding our clients results in a more effective use of our time on your behalf. We have a consistent shared global audit methodology that manages our clients’ and our own risk effectively.

Our audit approach is based on the following:

  • Partner-led assignments
  • Audit team accessibility
  • Regular communication and “no surprises” philosophy
  • Sound project management
  • Strong technical support and expertise
  • Efficient use of information technology

The key to effective delivery of a quality audit service is significant Partner and Manager involvement throughout the entire engagement. All our assignments are partner-led, which ensures the highest quality of service using short chains of communication and decision making.